May 22nd: Audis, Karts, and Formula 3s

It’s official.  Our next drive day will be May 22nd at Sonoma Raceway.  This time we’re mixing things up a bit, and you will get to choose what you want to drive.

In the morning, we’ll all start as a group, doing an Audi Autocross.  Drivers will be challenged with a timed Audi TTS competition, S Model lapping session and an instructor-driven demo lap. In just a few hours, you have the opportunity to enhance and refine your driving skills behind the wheel of an Audi, walking away as a far more confident driver.

After the Autocross, we’ll have a catered lunch, while also taking turns riding shotgun with instructors doing hotlaps in either the Audi R8 or the Caterham SP/300r, a sports prototype racer capable of 0 to 60 in 2.8 seconds.

If a morning of driving isn’t enough, and you want to ratchet up the intensity, you’ll be able to choose between either an afternoon of sprint karting (that will end in a head-to-head race for those who qualify), or a half-day in the Lola Formula 3 car (a true open-wheel formula car capable of over 3 lateral Gs).

As always, we will end the day at the nearby Ramsgate winery with food and wine.

Pricing will be $550 for the autocross challenge and hot laps, $750 if you want to include kart racing, and $1,750 if you are brave enough to drive the F3.  We have a limited number of free and discounted spots for members of the press and early stage startups, and we’re also giving a few free seats to software developers looking for jobs - the CEOs in attendance want to hire you!

While we give priority to execs and investors in the Connected Car and Internet of Things verticals, anyone who is uniquely accomplished or interesting is also eligible for an invitation.

Close friends, family, and significant-others are welcome to attend as either spectators or drivers.  If they spectate, we’ll make sure they have plenty to eat and drink, and if capacity allows for it, some time on the track with our instructors.

And if you haven’t heard of a Caterham, get excited: