May 22nd Recap

Our last drive day was a big success, with over 50 founders, VCs, and tech execs coming out to the track for fast cars and wine.

Although the spirit of the event was one of collaboration,  Howard Hartenbaum (Partner, August Capital) gets bragging rights for the fastest lap time in the Audi Autocross with a 22.03 time, and Rick Stratton (Founder, feed.us) finished first in our Sprint Kart race.  Chris Hulls (Founder, Life360), came in a close second, and claims he would have won if only he were thirty pounds lighter.

We also did our first batch of Developer SPEED Dates with professional racecar driver Collete Davis and ConnectedCarSV organizer Annika Kapur bringing developers and founders on the autocross track for backseat job interviews.  We hope this becomes the standard interview method for all valley jobs.

Attendees can view images from the F3 and Kart portion of the event here, and the paddock, lunch, and reception here.  Some highlights are below:


Andreas Gross (Head of Growth,  Life360), Stephen Blum (CTO, PubNub), and Mike Morrell (Founder, Riviera Partners) heading to their F3s.


Collette Davis (Founder, Octane App) getting ready to bring a developer on SPEED Date.


The group trying to do a bit of networking over lunch in order to rationalize the day as a business expense.


Gentlemen, start your engines.


Drive day organizer Annika Kapur striking a pose with Ben Cook (CEO, Passif) and Chris Hulls (CEO, Life360) after getting off the kart track.


Mark Goines (Partner, Morgenthaler Ventures) with Ichiro Ando (Executive Coordinator, Toyota) and Masumi Nagai (Group Vice President, Toyota) winding down the day.


Nothing like a Ram’s Gate After party.

See the rest of the pics here and here.